Head of SubDepartment

Mykola Vorobyov

Mykola Vorobyov is the author of over 160 scientific and methodical works. These include 4 monographs, 1 scientific and technical review, 30 patents for inventions device 76 scientific articles, including 6 foreign, 1 textbook and 9 tutorial.


Grudz Volodymyr Yaroslavovych

Scientific directions of researches:  - optimization of gas transportation systems maintenance;

                                                         - developing models of gas transportation systems operation;


Олійник Андрій Петрович

Olijnyk Andrij Petrovich, Head of the Mathematical Methods in Engineering Chair of IFNTUOG. Born 1964, July, 30. The graduator and post-graduate student of of the Moscow State University named after Lomonosov M. V. (1981-1989), Mechanics and Mathematics Department (aerodynamic). Doctor (-Habilitus) of technical science (2011), Matematical Modelling and Numerical Methods, Professor (2013), Computer Technologies in the systems of Management and Automation.

159 publications: 2 monographs, above 50 articles, 4 articles in Scopus, 6 methodical manuals for students.


Векерик Василь Іванович

Vekeryk Vasyl Ivanovych

Head of the Department of Theoretical Mechanics,

Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor


Create analytical models of the drilling tool for drilling wells a variety of ways on land and sea with floating objects and the development and implementation of new technical solutions for effective management of the dynamics of the drilling process.


Karpash Oleg Mykhaylovych

Head of Department, Professor, Doctor. of Engineering. Scienc


Gorbiychuk Michael

Born 15. 07. 1944 in the village . Sokyrchyno , Tlumach , Ivano -Frankivsk region. Studied : 1961-1966 Order of Lenin 's Lviv Polytechnic Institute majoring in " Automation and mechanization of complex chemical processes ." State Examination Commission Decision of 24.12.1966 , the qualification awarded Engineer Electromechanics of automation. In 1982 he defended his PhD in 2000 and his doctoral thesis on " Adaptive control of drilling deep wells ." Since 1966 he has been working and Ivano- Frankivsk National Technical University. Doctor of Science diploma DD number 001355 .