Master's/Specialist Programs

Fields of Education/Specialties
Specialist (S), Master’s (M) programmes
1. Oil and Gas Engineering (B):
  • Oil and Gas Production Engineering (S,M);
  • Oil and Gas Pipelines and Storage Facilities (S,M);
  • Equipment for Oil and Gas Industries (S,M).
2. Mining Engineering (B):
  • Well Drilling Engineering (S,M).
3. Welding (B):
  • Welding Technology (S,M);
  • Wear-Resistance and Restoration Technology (S,M).
4. Geology (B):
  • Oil and Gas Geology (S,M);
  • Geophysics (S,M).
5. Ecology and Environmental Protection (B):
  • Ecology and Environmental Protection (S,M).
6. Geodesy, Mapping and Land Management (B):
  • Geodesy (S,M);
  • Cadastral and Land Management (S,M);
  • Geoinformation Systems and Technology (S).
7. Electrical Engineering (B):
  • Electrical and Technical Systems of Electricity Consumption (S,M).
8. Metrology and Measuring Technology (B):
  • Metrology and Measuring Devices (S,M).
9. Toolmaking (B):
  • Non-Destructive Devices and Systems Control (S,M).
10. Engineering Mechanics (B):
  • Machine Building Technology (S,M);
11. Automotive Engineering (B):
  • Automobiles and Transport Facilities (S,M).
12. Computer Engineering (B):
  • Computer Systems and Networks (S,M)
13. Software Engineering (B)
  • Software Development for Systems (S,M).
14. Systems Engineering (B)
  • Computer-based Control Systems (S, M).
15. Automation and Computer Technology (B)
  • Remote Control of Technological Processes (S,M).
16. Tourism (B):
  • Tourism Studies (S)
17. Architectural Engineering (B):
  • Building Architecture (S).
18. Business Economics (B,S,M).
19. Finance and Credit (B,S).
20. Accounting and Auditing (B,S,M).
21. Management (B):
  • Organization Management and Administration Science (S,M).
22. Records Information Management (B,S)
23. Philology (B):
  • Translation Studies (S)