Success through communication

Associate Professor of the School of Business and Economics of the UiT Arctic University of Norway Bård Borch Brøndlund Michalsen visited the Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas for the third time within the framework of the cooperation program between Ukraine and Norway in order to communicate with students. The Norwegian guest successfully promotes effective communicative strategies. This year’s visit to IFNTUOG was not an exception. Bard Michalsen delivered lecture on «The Effective communication as the key to successful leadership.»

Students of different specialties attended the lecture in order to gain experience in effective communication. Much attention was paid to communicative strategies to create a positive image in business and professional circles. The lecturer noted that the percentage of communication impact on social networks has increased significantly in this area, and today the implementation of many ideas and plans depends on effective communication and, without a doubt, all the benefits of communication should be used. Bard Michalsen's lecture was carried out at a high level, students were impressed by the way the information was presented and thanked the lecturer for the knowledge they gained.

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