Norwegian lecturer visits the University within the international project "Ukraine - Norway"

On April 24-25, the group of students studying in the framework of Ukrainian-Norwegian project involving the University of Nordland (Bodø, Norway), International Fund for Social Adaptation (Kyiv, Ukraine), and our university which aims at retraining of 30 military personnel, retired members, and their families as well as social adaptation of this layer of population and their integration into the regional economy had an opportunity to attend the lecture held by the Norwegian professor Øystein Nystad.

The main topic of the lectures was waste management: challenges and opportunities. On the examples of Norway and other countries Professor Øystein Nystad explained why it is important to establish waste management system (recycling into energy or reuse) as the wrong policy of waste management affects the environment. Also in the beginning of the session Mr. Nystad addressed issues of business ethics.

The lecturer provided the examples and held the discussions on how Norwegian experience (Norway recycled waste - 80%) can be applied in Ukraine and how to create profitable and socially significant new businesses and jobs.

During the visit, Professor Nystad visited the science city "New energy", which is one of the largest centers of Ivano-Frankivsk on the introduction and awareness of energy efficiency.

The purpose of the professional development program is the formation of an energy-efficient society and overcoming problems related to energy efficiency and energy conservation.

During this time, the project participants will learn the basics of metrology, electrical and process measurement bases in energy audit, learn standardization topics, alternative and renewable energy sources, energy efficiency in the facilities and thermal processes, energy policy, energy management, marketing research in energy and others.

In the framework of the training the trainees also participated in psychological trainings, talks and seminars, the purpose of which was social adaptation, the development of psychological equilibrium and mental health. An important step in the training were also classes on the topic of employment: "How to prepare a resume", “Self-introduction", "How to communicate with employers” and so on.

This project, funded by the Kingdom of Norway with the assistance of the International Foundation for social adaptation (IFSA) and with the advanced scientific and educational resources of the University, been taking place in IFNTUOG for several years already.