Improving energy efficiency is a priority of the university

Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas has been implementing the project Cross-border Network of Energy Sustainable Universities Net4SENERGY since October 2019. The project is designed to increase the efficiency of the key universities within the HUSKROUA Cross-border region to address the effects of climate change through energy efficiency in order to ensure sustainable development through cooperation, support and exchange of actions contributing to this. Note, that this project meets the needs of universities in the cross-border region in particular, and all higher education institutions located in the territory of Ukraine, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary as a whole.

The implementation of the project involves a number of activities and actions, in particular: the creation of energy-saving action plans, pilot plants on renewable energy sources with real cost savings for the institution, internships for students and university teachers, etc. It should also include exchanges of experience between partner universities.

Thus, recently, members of the design team from IFNTUOG, associate professors Artur Voronych and Liubomyr Zhovtulia, visited the partner Northern University Center in Baia Mare of the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca and the company EATON (Romania), which manufactures electrical automation used both for industry and for ordinary users. The main purpose of the visit is the exchange of best practices in the field of energy efficiency, energy management and renewable energy sources. Representatives of other partner universities of the project came to take over and share their own experience (the Technical University in Kosice (Slovakia) and the University of Miskolc (Hungary).

According to the Net4SENERGY project implementation plan, there are many more activities and actions ahead, which in the future will allow partner universities to manage energy resources effectively. In the future, this practice is intended to be extended to other Higher Education Institutions.