IFNTUOG started the implementation of the Ukrainian-Lithuanian project

“Developing the Competence of Lithuanian and Ukrainian Public Sector Employees Using Design-Thinking Methodology” is a joint project initiated under the Cooperation Agreement on Education, Science and Culture between Ukraine and the Republic of Lithuania and the Partnership Agreement between Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas (IFNTUOG) and Kaunas University of Technology (KTU).

On February 24-25, 2020, IFNTUOG representatives, Dmytro Dzvinchuk (Project Manager), Mariana Orliv (Project Coordinator), and Victor Petrenko (Head of the Department of Public Administration and Management of the Institute of Humanities and Public Administration) participated in the constituent meeting that took place at KTU. The delegation became acquainted with the experience of KTU’s institutional progress in the context of the implementation of educational reform. The reform, like in Ukraine, envisaged the development of the market for educational services, reducing the number of Higher Educational Institutions, ensuring their autonomy, etc.

Participation in the project of leaders of research groups in educational sphere Brigita Janiūnaitė (project manager) and sphere of public administration Rasa Daugėlienė, as well as the director of Municipal Training Center Jolanta Vaičiūnienė and other certified experts of KTU will facilitate the implementation of European learning programs, as well as open up prospects for joint research in the field of education and the development of innovative accelerators, the results of which will be published in the journal “European Integration Studies”.