German experience for the scientists of IFNTUOG

A German delegation from the Department of Higher Geodesy and Astronomy of the Neubrandenburg University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule Neubrandenburg) visited IFNTUOG. The first Vice-Rector of IFNTUOG O. Mandryk, Director of the Institute of Construction and Power Engineering M. Mazur, Head of the Department of Geodesy and Land Management K. Buriak attended the meeting with German scientists.

IFNTUOG has long been actively cooperating with foreign colleagues for the purpose of scientific collaboration, internship of teachers, graduate students. This year there was an opportunity to improve the quality of study and research in the field of geodetic science. Therefore, the main topic of the meeting was discussing the action plan for signing a bilateral agreement on cooperation between universities.

The agreement will include provisions for the annual improving of professional competence by teachers, doctoral students, graduate students and students of the University and exchange of experience with colleagues of the University of Neubrandenburg, as well as various mutual geodetic and cadastral structures in the field of geodesy. The first step towards cooperation has already been made. The cooperation agreement will be signed this year.

Representatives of the National University "Lviv Polytechnic" were also present at the meeting as the university has been cooperating with the German colleagues in various fields of education and science for many years already.