Endurance and bright mind - thanks to sports, books and healthy diet

Recently, a renovated student dining room was opened on the territory of the IFNTUOG, which hospitably meets the university staff and students. Taking into account the food preferences of different people - vegetarians and meat-eaters, they also remember the peculiarities of nourishment of Muslims and offer a diverse menu according to cultural traditions of representatives of different nationalities studying at the university. The executive director of the eatery Taras Tryshkaluk says:

We cook many dishes: 5 - 6 – meat dishes, 3 types of side dish, 4-5 different salads, and also offer set meals that change every day. We strive to provide people with a real homemade meal at a reasonable price. We offer a set meal of three dishes (salad, the first course, second course, bread and uzvar) - for 40 UAH in a cozy, comfortable room, by the way - with free Wi-Fi for visitors.

Founders of the eatery, who have a sixteen-year experience working in school canteens, know exactly: success in studying and well-being is provided by not only studying textbooks and going in for sports. A healthy diet is even more important.