History of the Department of Technical Diagnostics and Monitoring

  • A department # 4 "Non-destructive control in oil and gas field" of special design bureau (SDB) "Nadra" on the basis of Ivano-Frankivsk Oil and Gas Institute was established (headed by O. M. Karpash).
  • On the initiative and assistance of the department # 4 of SDB "Nadra" a new department on training specialists in "physical methods of introscopy (non-destructive testing) (since 1995 – "appliance and systems for non-destructive control") was established.
  • On a drilling department (headed by Professor Y. S. Kotskulych) a new subject "Technical diagnostics of drilling equipment" was introduced.
  • By the Rector's order # 49 from May 25, 2005 a Department of Technical Diagnostics and Monitoring was established on the base of the Oil and Gas Pipeline Faculty.
  • A department's branch office on the Ltd. RPC "Zond" (www.zond-ndt.com) was opened.
  • 5 employees of the department began their research work.
  • A laboratory "Technical diagnostics of oil and gas equipment" (9121) was brought into operation, an active scientific work has begun.
  • A thesis was defended (by M. O. Karpash).
  • The best graduate student of UT NKTD (M. O. Karpash).
  • Laureate of state prize in a field of science and technology in Ukraine (Professor O. M. Karpash).
  • Laboratories "Product standardization and certification" (9119) and "Metrology and quality control (9117) were brought into operation.
  • The department's staff consisted of 7 workers.
  • A research laboratory for graduate students was brought into operation (9122).
  • A thesis was defended (by I. V. Rybitskiy).
  • The best university laboratory of IFNTUOG is 9121.
  • The creation of research ground for technical diagnostics of underground pipelines.
  • A laboratory "Energy planning and energy management" (9201) was brought into operation.
  • The license of NAEP to conduct energy auditing was received.
  • The best textbook is "Technical diagnostics of oil and gas supply systems" (diploma of I degree).
  • Associate professor A. V. Yavorskyi is a laureate of presidential prize for young scientists.
  • I. V. Rybitskiy is the best young scientist of UT NKTD (Ukrainian Association of Non-destructive Control and Technical Diagnostics).
  • Computer classroom (9202) on the TEMPUS project was brought into operation.
  • 4 theses were defended (by N. L. Tatsakovych, I. Y. Darvay, Y. R. Dotsenko, O. F. Kozak). A new specialty 05.02.10 "Diagnostics of materials and constructions" was introduced.
  • A department's branch office was opened on the JSC "Ivano-Frankivskgas".
  • The best textbook is "Modern methods of applied physics and mathematics in engineering researches" (diploma of III degree).
  • The first in the university grand agreement HUSKROUA/0901/062 was signed.
  • The best diploma work of UT NKTD was written by V. Tsykh.