Department of Energy Management and Technical Diagnostics


Karpatska str., 15 Ivano-Frankivsk, 76019 Ukraine tel. +380(0342) 50-47-08 e-mail:

The Department of Technical Diagnostics and Monitoring was established on May 1, 2005 (decree   # 49 from May 25, 2005) on the base of the Oil and Gas Pipeline Faculty at Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas.

Since September 1, 2005 the department provides training for the Bachelor’s degree on the following specialties: “Oil and Gas Pipelines and Storage”; “Drilling”; “Oil and Gas Production”; “Technology and Equipment of Welding”; “Technology and Equipment of Machine and Construction Renovation and Increase of Wear Resistance”; “Equipment on Oil and Gas Fields”; “Ecology and Environmental Protection”; “Geodesy, Mapping and Land Surveying”; “Automobile Transportation”; “Economics of Enterprise”; Accounting and Auditing”; “Finance and Crediting”; “Record Management and Information Activity”.


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