General information

The Department of Technical Diagnostics and Monitoring was established on May 1, 2005 (decree   # 49 from May 25, 2005) on the base of the Oil and Gas Pipeline Faculty at Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas.

Since September 1, 2005 the department provides training for the Bachelor’s degree on the following specialties: “Oil and Gas Pipelines and Storage”; “Drilling”; “Oil and Gas Production”; “Technology and Equipment of Welding”; “Technology and Equipment of Machine and Construction Renovation and Increase of Wear Resistance”; “Equipment on Oil and Gas Fields”; “Ecology and Environmental Protection”; “Geodesy, Mapping and Land Surveying”; “Automobile Transportation”; “Economics of Enterprise”; Accounting and Auditing”; “Finance and Crediting”; “Record Management and Information Activity”.

In order to carry out practical and laboratory-based work the department provides specially equipped laboratories of “Technical diagnostics of objects in oil and gas complex”, “Metrology and quality control”, “Product standardization and certification”, “Energy control and energy auditing”. On the territory adjacent to the laboratories, a research area for technical diagnostics of underground pipelines is located.

Since 2005 a branch office of the department is situated in the RPC (Research and Production Company) “Zond”. RPC “Zond” is an enterprise that provides a full range of services in the sphere of non-destructive control and technical diagnostics – starting from the theoretical work up of set tasks to their implementation in techniques and control technologies. The efficiency of this branch office is proved while accomplishment of tasks that require a lot of laboratory equipment. Students have the ability to study modern equipment for defect detection, to find out more about modern techniques of defect detection in products made of solid materials, to study the operation techniques of computer engineering and appropriate software in order to detect defects. Students who show best results on the graduation of IFNTUOL have the opportunity to be employed on the RPC “Zond”.