Department of Applied Economics


15 Karpatska Street, Ivano-Frankivsk, 76019, building 1, room 1517, phone: 72-71-44, e-mail:

The department of Applied Economics – a structural unit of the Institute of Economics and Management of the Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas (IEM IFNTUNG) – was formed through the merger of two university departments: “the economy of the enterprise” and “ the economy of nature use and organization of production”.

   The Department of Applied Economics provides graduates with higher education degrees in the specialty 051 “Economics” at the level of the bachelors degree, and at the second masters level in educational programs: “Business Economics” and “ Economics of Environment and Natural Resources”,  speciality 051 “Economics”.

   Students – economists have a unique opportunity to participate freely on the semester exchange program (jointly with the Pomorska Academy in the city of Slupsk) and the program of double diplomas on the basis of the Krakiv Mining and Metallurgical Academy named after S. Stashitsa, that is, being a student graduate of IFNTUNG, receive an additional masters degree in Republic of Poland.

    The scientific and pedagogical staff consists of 3 professors, doctors of economics, 14 associate professors, candidates of economic sciences and 2 assistants. Each faculty member working with the students is not only a highly skilled theoretical scientist, but also has a valuable practical experience shared with younger generations of economists.