Department of Computer Systems and Networks




15 Karpatska Street

Building 1, Institute of Information Technologies (4th floor), Department of Computer Systems and Networks

room 1413.

phone: +38 (0342) 50-45-21.


Nowadays informational technologies became the only working tool for solution of many complicated tasks of management and organization. In Ukraine market transformations in general and in the branches of agriculture led to the urgent need for new approaches for the management of industrial enterprises, companies etc. A crucial role in this process is given to the computer networks, that are used in all the fields of activity, from management of technological processes to such fields as advertising, trade, banking, accounting and others. In this context, particularly important is the training of specialists who are  capable to develop  scientific and engineering basis for the creation of modern industrial and technological computer systems and networks.

The Head of the department – Professor, Doctor of Engineering Mykhailo Horbiichuk.

The main scientific direction of the Department of Computer Systems and Networks is planned national scientific and research program on developing oil and gas complex of Ukraine "Synthesis of computer systems and networks for oil and gas facilities. Students who study successfully, take a direct part in scientific researches and experiments. Best of them continue their education and scientific work in graduate school.

Graduates of the department of  CMN can work in the companies and organizations where computers and computer systems of different levels (banks, public authorities, research and design organizations, businesses large and small businesses, industries and other ) are used.

Analyzing the needs of enterprises of the region of specialists in computer engineering and specifying their requirements, it should be admitted that besides knowledge of the basic and traditional chapters of computer engineering such as hardware and software of computing hardware and computer networks, there are the requirements for knowledge of the specialized chapters, namely, knowledge and skills of developing systems based on specialized microprocessor complexes, the developing and operation of real-time operating systems to build onboard computing complexes of mobile objects, and so on.