Additional Information: 

Conceptual directions of cooperation with the Institute of Economics and Management in Oil and Gas Sector of Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas (InEM IFNTUOG):

  1. Implementation of measures to support entrepreneurship at local and regional levels.
  2. Providing internships for students of InEM IFNTUOG and their business training by organizing and conducting seminars, workshops on topical business issues.
  3. Development and implementation of programs and projects (including international), aimed mainly at promoting innovation development, youth entrepreneurship, and socially oriented business venture seminars, workshops on topical business issues.
  4. Organization and participation in international and national scientific conferences, seminars, forums and other events of a scientific nature.
  5. Event of the professional development of the teaching staff of the University, representatives of business and government organizations.
  6. Clustering of consulting services in the region by combining the capabilities and efforts of science, education, government, business, business infrastructure to support entrepreneurship and "public" sector of the regional economy.
  7. Scientific consulting in areas: 
  • economic and managerial foundations of complex systems on the basis of intellectual and innovative transformation of their components;
  • management and administration of social and economic systems at the micro and meso levels;
  • brand management, development of marketing systems for business processes;
  • organizational and economic mechanism of operation of business entities and improvement of their performance;
  • ensuring economic stability and security of companies by optimizing the use of resources;
  • the organization of labor and production entities under the influence of progressive structural changes in the economy;
  • financial mechanism and controlling of activity of economic entities;
  • accounting and reporting, tax system in Ukraine: state and development prospects;
  • economic valuation of assets and businesses, organizing and conducting economic assessments;
  • economic diagnosis and shaping the business model of the company;
  • development of regional and municipal target programs and strategies of socio-economic development of local communities.