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Additional Information: 

Institute of Petroleum Economics and Management was established in the year of 2012 following the decision of University Administration (Rectorate) and Academic Council (Board). It incorporated the Department of Economics and Business and the Department of Industrial and Regional Economic Development Management.

   Since 2013 the Institute runs the activity of Economics Innovation Research Laboratory and Centre for Business Development that carry out educational activities, scientific consulting and professional business training for students.

    The Institute collaborates with different companies, institutions and organizations as for the further employment of its graduates (alumni). While continuing to study, the students of the Institute have the opportunity to get involved into the real sector of country’s economy and get employment offers from the potential employers. Present-day labour market  is focused on the need of employers for the graduates of our Institute and this is demonstrated by the recognition of it as field-specific for Fuel and Energy Complex of Ukraine.

    All departments of the Institute run the system of engagement and preparation of students for the research activities. In 2013 in the Institute of Petroleum Economics and Management there were founded scientific schools, allowing outstanding scientists by monitoring and coaching to provide guidance for the scientific work of the best students up to the defence of thesis for the scientific degree of candidate of economic sciences.

   Institute of Petroleum Economics and Management provides students with the possibility to go through the full cycle specialist’s training for the majors – an economist or manager (Bachelor - Master - PhD - Doctor of Science).