Department of Management and Administration


Shopena 1, Street

Ivano-Frankivsk, 76000


Apt. 3222

Telephone: (0342)50-76-23,



The Department of Management and Administration (M&A) was formed in July 2010 on the basis of Regional Economic Development and Production Management Departments. Since September 2013 PhD and Assoc. Prof. A. S. Polianska has been appointed the head of the department.

Before the merger both of the departments performed the mission of providing regions, industries and companies of all spheres of Ukraine business and social activity with young and qualified specialists. This dealt with such strategically important sectors like oil and gas complex. Training of the specialists was carried out with "Management and Administration" specialization. Nowadays, the department graduates acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills in personnel management, organizational, operational, financial, investment, innovation, enterprise, strategic, crisis management, marketing and logistics and other normative and elective subjects in "Organization Management and Administration" field of knowledge without mastering which management in the conditions of new, information, knowledge-based economy is not possible.

Today, the department has more than 20 professors, about 90 per cent of which are PhD and Associate Professors. About 50 per cent of the department personnel are young professors, who are mostly IFNTUOG graduates. The majority of the teaching staff has practical experience in industrial, business and commercial structures. The teaching staff cooperate both with state administration and local self-government organs and non-profit community organizations like "Business Initiatives", "Centre of the Leadership and Management Study", "Private Initiatives Development Agency", Ukrainian-Canadian professors have the opportunity to undergo various trainings and coaching, conduct the theoretical developments testing. The results of the department professors’ methodological work are implemented in international and national conferences participation, in scientific articles publications, in textbooks and teaching materials. In turn, almost all students complete thesis projects, working on specific tasks set to be solved by enterprises, organizations and recreation traineeship leaders.