DTEK is the largest privately-owned vertically-integrated energy company in Ukraine, with efficient enterprises that mine and prepare coal as well as operate on electrical power generation and supply markets. The Company is the energy division of System Capital Management (SCM), one of Ukraine’s leading financial and industrial groups.

Much of the coal mined at DTEK is prepared at the Company’s own plants and supplied to enterprises in DTEK’s generating division. Some of the coal is exported. The electrical power produced by DTEK is supplied to Ukraine’s wholesale energy market, where DTEK is one of the key operators. Power purchased on the market is supplied by the Company’s networks to Ukraine’s largest industrial consumers.

DTEK can maintain its leading position in Ukraine’s fuel and energy market thanks to synergies from its coal-producing and power-generating companies, the introduction of cutting-edge technology, a professional management team and a balanced social policy.

The Company’s development plan envisions building an energy company linking Ukraine, the European Union and Russia in a single chain for the production and sale of electrical power. This will benefit from the advantages of vertical integration, top management expertise in the markets where we operate, experience in developing coal companies operating in difficult geological conditions, and the unique geographical position of Ukraine, our core market