US professor delivered lecture at the Institute of Petroleum Engineering

On September 21, 2017, at the invitation of the Ukrainian branch of the international organization SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers), Professor Milind D. Deo from the United States delivered a lecture on "Optimizing Liquid Recoveries From Shales Through Geologic, Geomechanical, Fluid, and Operating Considerationsr" at the Institute of Petroleum Engineering. The lecture was attended by Director of IPE O. Vytiaz, head of the Department of Oil and Gas Field Development and Operation Prof. O. Kondrat R., lecturers, post-graduate students, students of oil and gas specialties. The lecturer has paid great attention to technological advances that have allowed to increase oil extraction in the USA almost twice during five years. The emphasis was on some of the features of improving production of liquids from low-permeability, shale plays that requires an integrated understanding of the interaction of fluid thermodynamic and formation geologic and geomechanical properties.

Milind Deo is Chair of Chemical Engineering at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. He is also an affiliate senior scientist at the Energy and Geoscience Institute, a large consortium of upstream companies at the University of Utah. His research interests are in reservoir engineering, enhanced oil recovery, carbon dioxide injection for EOR and sequestration, flow assurance and geothermal energy production. He has supervised the Ph.D. dissertations of 29 students.


At the end of the lecture, the professor answered the questions of the audience.