Secrets of Norwegian Power Engineering

The Science city “New energy’ was absolutely packed today, as many students and teachers gathered here to listen to Peter Nore, Professor of the Nordic University (Bodo, Norway), who visited the Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas as part of a cooperation program between the institutions.

The lectures covered the problems of the world energy system and those related to the Arctic, highlighted the specifics of the oil and gas industry of Norway and the power engineering sector, as well as the Norwegian Oil Fund. The beginning was a success: full house! There is nothing surprising about that, as today life itself raises questions that are worth the scientists’ attention. We asked Mr. Nore to comment on some of them. He shared his vision of solving the energy problems of humanity in the near future, as long as they did not cause irreparable damage to the environment and irreversible changes in nature:

- Actually, the key point I want to convey is that there are many actions that need to be done. There is no one single solution to all problems. Everything must work in unity – technology, public policy and our personal behavior – in particular.

Actually, Mr. Nore paid special attention to this transitional phase from the energy of today and the future. Because of the specificity of their future work in this field, the students of IFNTUOG should, in due course, take part in solving its problems. Thus, this is their mission - both professional and social, as a young generation. Mr. Nore addresses all of us:

-Don't give up! At the moment, climate change control seems to be difficult. However, all the existing experience shows that this is possible. And when new energy systems start to roll out and evolve, it will happen very quickly. So I'm optimistic about the world and our capabilities.