Passive architecture, energy efficiency and alternative energy in IFNTUOG

Within the framework of the “Romania-Ukraine 2014-2020” Cross-Border Cooperation Program a foreign delegation from Botosani (Romania), paid a working visit to the Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas. The delegation consisted of: Catalin Flutur – Mayor of the city of Botosani, Yevhen Turcanu - Head of Sports and Leisure Department, Raluka Balaska - Advisor, Project Management Department, Danut Khutu - Executive Director of the Department of Culture and Heritage.

The “Romania-Ukraine 2014-2020” Cross-Border Cooperation Program envisages expanding cooperation in various spheres: culture, transport, security, energy, etc. "Green energy" is quite an urgent issue today. IFNTUOG is chosen not by chance, because it occupies a leading position among the higher education institutions in the sphere of reducing energy consumption and has considerable experience in the implementation of energy efficiency projects.

Joint discussion of the preparation of proposals for international project contests took place in the Science City "New Energy". During the meeting, the head of the Science City, prof. Maksym Karpash introduced his project ideas to the guests. He noted that Ivano-Frankivsk has all the possibilities for becoming an energy-efficient center of our state. IFNTUOG and Ivano-Frankivsk City Council will contribute to this process.

Mr. Karpash acquainted the delegates with the project of energy-efficient educational building "Energy Academy". According to the project the building is planned to be built on the territory of the IFNTUOG campus on the principle of "passive" architecture. Such building provides the minimum energy consumption that is needed for comfortable living conditions. "Energy Academy" will become not only a place for study, but also for cultural and creative development, as well as a kind of tourist attraction. "Passive House" will be an example in the field of construction of energy-efficient institutions at the national level.

The delegates got interested in the presented project. As a result of the discussion, both sides have taken a decision to submit the Energy Academy project to the competition in cooperation with the Ivano-Frankivsk City Council.

Implementation of this project will prove that Ivano-Frankivsk is truly an energy-efficient city!