Norway could teach us a thing or two!

A demonstrative lecture by Olha Yermolenko, Doctor of Economics, Researcher at the Nord University Business School (Bodo, Norway), held at Science City “New Energy”, brought together teachers and students of the Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas interested in the topic of economic development of our country in a large family of European peoples. The coverage of the topic "Doing Business in a Multicultural Environment" by Ms. Yermolenko was even more interesting and convincing given that she is our compatriot, a Ukrainian who went to study in 2009 and later found her personal destiny and favorite job in Norway. Therefore, she is able to compare Norwegian realities with the Ukrainian ones not only based on scientific research but also on her own practical experience.

For students, who plan to study abroad or to conduct their own business in partnership with foreign colleagues, such first-hand information is useful as it gives a vision of the prospects of their own state, whose future depends on their knowledge, and their civic position. After all, everyone knows the postures regarding Ukraine: "breadbasket of Europe", "the richest black soil", etc. However, we have to state that we do not have economic leadership in the Old World. Instead, we have the example of Norway, which started from a rather modest position in the world economy (in the 1960s it was one of the poorest countries in Europe, known for its fishing industry and bad climate), and is now known for its remarkably high level of prosperity.