Expanding International Cooperation: Iraqi Vector

Guided by the desire to intensify international cooperation between universities and to develop scientific research and mutual exchanges in science and education, the delegation from Iraq, headed by the President of Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University visited IFNTUOG.

According to the Vice-rector for International Affairs, prof. Maksym Karpash, the delegation's visit to IFNTUOG was preceded by lengthy negotiations, and now both sides are interested in establishing close interaction between their educational and scientific environments.

The Iraqi delegation got acquainted with the IFNTUOG training and research base. The parties also discussed a number of important issues related to the academic mobility of teachers and students, educational, scientific and technical cooperation, and the establishment of an IFNTUOG branch based at one of Iraq's technical universities in the future.

Following the result of the meeting, two Memorandums on Cooperation between IFNTUOG and the Universities of Iraq – the Middle Euphrates Technical University and the Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University were signed. The terms of the agreement include joint scientific activities, exchange of scientists, teachers, scientific information, joint holding of international scientific and technical symposia, conferences, seminars and round tables. The agreements also facilitate the participation of the parties in national and international mobility initiatives for students, graduate students, research and teaching staff.


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