Development and innovations voiced by young people

The "Young Entrepreneurs - 2018" program organized by the Norwegian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce functioned on April 6-16 in Norway (Bergen, Oslo). This year, more than 140 applications had been submitted to the competition, 21 of which were selected. The assistant professor of the Department of Energy Management and Technical Diagnostics of the Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas Olha Popovych, took part in the program.

"Young Entrepreneurs" is a business education program the goal of which is to unite ambitious Norwegian and Ukrainian businesspersons into one joint team aimed at increasing investment and trade between Ukraine and Norway. Despite the positive trade statistics and trends between our countries, for many Norwegians, Ukraine remains to some extent an unknown country.

The intensive course of the program consisted of two parts - two intensive weeks (one in Norway, one in Ukraine). During this time, participants received the first guidelines for setting up and running a business in Norway, Ukraine and between them. During the events envisaged by the program, the participants visited numerous Norwegian and Ukrainian enterprises, met with the authorities and non-governmental organizations dealing with business ethics, good corporate governance and the fight against corruption. In addition, candidates worked with specific business cases that should lead to real business.

Olha Popovych worked in the team “Energy”, whose main task was to find opportunities for Norwegian energy companies, specialists, investors and services to enter the Ukrainian oil and gas market. The task of the team at this stage was to establish communication with the largest companies that produce oil and gas in Ukraine and Norway, as well as start a roadmap for future cooperation between companies.

Olha Popovych notes that participation in such a program brought an invaluable experience and important practical skills. In general, the study visit was extremely informative, filled with meetings and new acquaintances.