Cooperation with Chinese partners: closer ties and new opportunities

On September 12, a delegation from the People's Republic of China, namely the Guangdong University of Petrochemical Technology visited the Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas.

Rector, Prof. Ye. Kryzhanivskyi, Vice-rector for Academic Affairs, Professor O. Mandryk, Vice-rector for International Affairs, Professor M. Karpash, Director of the Institute of Humanities and Public Administration, Professor D. Dzhvinchuk, and Director of the Center for International Cooperation, Associate Professor A. Voronych welcomed the highly respected guests at IFNTUOG.

The visit of the delegation from China aimed at signing of the Memorandum on cooperation between institutions of higher education, establishing close contacts between the two parties and introducing new forms of cooperation. Today, in a solemn atmosphere, the official document on cooperation between IFNTUOG (Rector, Professor Ye. Kryzhanivskyi) and the Guangdong University of Petrochemical Technology (Vice President, Professor Zhou Rujin) was signed.

The parties to the Memorandum agreed to cooperate in various areas: educational, scientific, and innovative. In particular, exchange programs, joint scientific and methodological conferences, exchange of teachers, organization of conferences with leading scientists and lecturers for students and postgraduate students of both universities is envisaged. An important area of ​​cooperation is the joint research and publication of scientific papers, the exchange of postgraduate and doctoral students, the joint implementation of projects, promotion of the dissemination of information of mutual interest in research, new developments, publications and other materials. The document also provides for joint activities aimed at expanding the scope of implementation of the results of fundamental and applied research as well as commercialization of the results of scientific research, etc.

After signing of the agreement and active discussion, the parties exchanged views on the opportunities and prospects for further strengthening bilateral cooperation in various areas of mutual interest and outlined further steps to transfer the achieved agreements to a practical level.

During their visit, guests from Celestial Empire were given an exciting tour of the Geological Museum, the Science City "New energy", where they had an opportunity to look at "Tesla Show". They also visited the educational research laboratory of hardware and software of the company "Siemens", the department of oil and gas equipment, and the sports complex.

It should be noted that IFNTUNG is actively working on expanding the borders of cooperation with foreign partners, including the educational institutions of the People's Republic of China. These activities are aimed at establishing contacts with Chinese educational, research and business institutions, since today such cooperation has gained new quality and will continue to grow.