Cooperation Agreement with AGH


The Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas has been cooperating with the Krakiw Mining and Metallurgical Academy (AGH) in educational, scientific and research fields for many years. It is a great opportunity for graduate students, doctoral students, teachers, scientists to develop and advance their ideas, and for students of five institutes – Institute of Petroleum Engineering, Institute of Natural Sciences and Tourism, Institute of Architecture, Construction and Power Engneering, Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Institute of Economics and Management also get two diplomas – national and European one. The cooperation agreement between IFNTUOG and AGH was signed over 10 years ago.

The successes in the implementation of this Agreement during the celebrations marking the 101st academic year at AGH were discussed by the representatives of IFNTUOG delegation consisting of the First Vice-Rector O. Mandryk, Director of the Institute of Natural Sciences and Tourism V. Omelchenko, Director of the Institute of Architecture, Construction and Power Engneering M. Mazur and Director of Scientific and Technical Library R. Puida.

Negotiations by representatives of the university delegation concerned the updating of certain articles of the Agreement on Cooperation with the Polish Higher Education Institution, related to the implementation of the relevant provisions of the new Polish legislation on higher education. As the result of negotiations the cooperation agreement was renewed between the Institute of Natural Sciences and Tourism of IFNTUOG and Faculty of Geology, Geophysics and Environmental Protection of AGH.

In addition, a cooperation agreement was signed between Scientific and Technical Library of IFNTUOG and the AGH library, which will allow the studets to use both libraries' books and e-funds during their internships and to develop library activities in different fields.