Conference on information dissemination in Kosice (Slovakia)

On October 5-6, 2014 in the city of Košice  (Slovakia) a conference on the dissemination of information according to the project CONTENT - HUSKROUA / 1101/194 "Cross-border innovation network for technology transfer” was held. It was held as part of the 5th Central European Conference on Regional Science CERS 2014 (

A separate workshop entitled "Entrepreneurship, innovations and clusters - networking for technology transfer" was held within the framework of the conference mentioned above. More than 50 participants from various countries, including those of cross-border region (Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania), as well as Germany, UK and Austria took part in the conference on dissemination of information.

Project partners such as Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas, University of Miskolc (Hungary), Technical University of Kosice (Slovakia) and North University Center of Baia Mare of Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (Romania) presented the reports on the topic of the project where they demonstrated their visions for technology transfer in the target international region and proposed solutions to these problems. Conference participants during the lively discussions came to a consensus that technology transfer is largely dependent on the quality of the technologies (whether they meet the needs of the market). Therefore, universities and research centers should closely examine these needs, and potential participants of the process of technology transfer (technological parks and business incubators) should stimulate a dialogue between businesses and the academic community.

Presentation by M.O. Karpash


On October 7, 2014  the first technology fair as a part of the project CONTENT - HUSKROUA / 1101/194 "Cross-border network for technology transfer" was held in the city of Kosice (Slovakia). The international conference, which was attended by over 150 participants from universities and innovative enterprises aimed to summarize the experience on the activities of parks, share experiences of representatives from different countries, present the best projects on technology development.

The IFNTUOG was represented by Vice rector for for research and international affairs O. Karpash, Associate Professor N. Tatsakovych, and the Director of SRI M. Karpash.

*HUSKROUA/1101/194 “Cross-border innovation network for technology transfer (CONTENT)” ( project description:
Overall objectives - To facilitate technology transfer in the Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine cross-border region and ensure that the targeted partner Universities are in positions to offer new technologies which are on the changing needs of the cross-border regional enterprises. Specific objective - To create the innovation cross-universities network at Hungarian, Slovak, Romanian, and Ukrainian partner Universities to establish an effective system for partnership with regional enterprises and start to transfer Universities technologies into the market by the end of 2015.