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Wake up your inner Engineer with an engineering degree from IFNTUOG

   The School of Petroleum Engineering was established in 1944 as an independent structural unit of Lviv Polytechnic Institute. In 1963 it was transferred to Ivano-Frankivsk. The courses at the departments are provided by 10 doctors of sciences, professors, 27 candidates of sciences, associate professors, and 18 assistant professors. The training of professionals involves leading experts in oil and gas industry.

   When you choose to do an engineering degree at IFNTUOG, you are setting yourself up for a rich and challenging experience on all levels. You will be surrounded by other engineering students and teaching staff who are equally passionate and driven, and who will inspire you to become the best you can be.

  At IFNTUOG we offer the widest range of engineering degree course specialisations in the country, all delivered through our School of Petroleum Engineering.

  From traditional engineering disciplines, to engineering that addresses sustainability and resource optimisation and computing.

  Engineering students at IFNTUOG have many opportunities to participate in exciting new engineering projects that are changing the world through research centres and institutes across the University.

  We have formed strong partnerships with industry and government here in Ukraine and overseas. During the course of their engineering degree, students have great opportunities to network and gain valuable work experience at some of the most forward thinking and technologically advanced venues in the world.

    According to General Agreement on cooperation between IFNTUOG and oil and gas enterprises of Ukraine in 2004 with participation of experts of the school as well as with the help of “Drilling Systems LTD” experts (England), Drilling Training Center of IFNTUOG was established, the equipment and tools for which were bought with oil and gas enterprises’ money. In October, 2004 DTC was accredited at International Well Control Forum.        

  The number of students increases every year with the significant amount of those from oil and gas regions of Ukraine and the Crimea. International students from 34 countries of the world study at the School. Here one can find students from Russia, India, Algeria, China, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon and other countries.  

   Join thousands of IFNTUOG engineering graduates who are already out there challenging the world’s greatest issues with the knowledge and experiences they gained during their engineering degree.

  The opportunities are endless with an engineering degree from IFNTUOG.