Department of Military Training (is subordinated to the Institute of Petroleum Engineering on the issues of teaching and methodological work on training specialists in specialty 185 "Oil and gas engineering and technology")


72а Konovaltsia Street, Ivano-Frankivsk, 76018, phone: (80342) 502506, e-mail:

The activity of the Military Training Department of IFNTUOG is subject to the Law of Ukraine “On Education”, Regulations “On State Higher Education Institution”, Regulations “On military training of students of higher educational institutions according to the reserve officers program”,  Regulations on Military Training Departments of Higher Educational Institutions, Statute of Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas, and Regulations on Military Training Department of IFNTUOG.

    Military Training Department of IFNTUOG is a military training division of the university which has years of experience and traditions in training highly-skilled professionals of Fuel Supply Service. Throughout its existence since 1963 the department has trained hundreds of fuel supply service officers, who currently serve in all military branches. Main tasks of the department are: 
Training of military experts of Fuel Supply Service for serving in Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military structures agencies established in accordance with the laws of Ukraine and central bodies of executive branch of Ukraine;

  • Reserve officers training;
  • Scientific activity, which aims at improving quality of military training, development and improvement of military hardware and weapons.