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Qualification characteristics of specialists in specialties

  • Automation specialists are prepared to work with computer-integrated technologies and systems of automated control of technological processes in the following fields: production and processing of hydrocarbons, agro-industrial complex, production of machinery and equipment, chemical, food, textile and wood processing industry. Knowledge of technological processes, theory and practical skills of managing them, various modern domestic and foreign technical means, ability to work with computers will help the specialist of this specialty to solve the problems of increasing production efficiency based on the solution of scientific and technical problems, including in the oil and gas industry.
  • Specialists in control systems and automation are experts in the field of modern information technologies. Fundamental theoretical training, knowledge of modern automation tools allow graduates of this specialty to solve a wide range of engineering, technical and scientific-research problems of automated control in the technical and organizational systems of various industries. The department has created the conditions for additional study of disciplines related to the means of automation of production processes of SIEMENS, in order to pass industrial practice at this company and possible future employment.
  • Specialists in the field of "Computer systems and networks" are prepared to work with modern operating systems, They design and operate computer systems and networks, ensure their efficient operation, including servicing electronic equipment and computers in various industries, trade, banking, telecommunications. At the department students are engaged in research work, which gives them the opportunity to participate in international student scientific conferences, olympiads and to take industrial practice in foreign countries.
  • Specialists in the specialty “Software Engineering” ensure the efficiency of software products of computers and automated systems with the use of modern information technologies, create automated workplaces, databases and knowledge, expert systems for different industries. A branch of the Institute of Mathematical Machines and Systems Problems was created at the department, headed by the head of the branch of the department of the PASAS Professor Litvinov VV, where students have the opportunity to pass industrial practices and diploma design for the purpose of future admission to graduate school.
  • The sphere of activity of the engineer-metrologist extends to almost all branches of the national economy of the state and consists in: development and introduction of computer intelligent information-measuring systems and complexes; design and operation of measuring equipment, created on the basis of modern microprocessor and computer technology; standardization, certification and quality management; the production and operation of instrumentation for industry and everyday life; information technology activities, including data processing and database management.