Department of General, Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology


15 Karpatska Street Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine 76019

The department provides basic training for future professionals in geology and geophysics. The department provides a study of the major general geological disciplines that form the basis for further development of special geological objects graduation departments of geology and exploration of oil and gas, industrial geophysics and field geophysics. The training process consists of lectures and laboratory classes and mandatory practices two passing students after the first and second courses. During the first practice in the field, students learn the routes of the main types of exogenous processes, endogenous manifestations, topography, geological history and development of the Carpathian mountain range, geological and tectonic structure of the margin of the East European platform, the Carpathian foredeep and the Carpathian mountains. In the description field outcrops they repeat the main theoretical positions acquired during training, learn to their practical application.