6. Recognition Procedure in Ukraine

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Nostrification is the recognition procedure of educational documents of other countries in Ukraine. 

According to the law of Ukraine, all foreign citizens are obliged to recognize in Ukraine his/her previous educational documents.

Every student submits his/her educational documents for recognition on their own, during the training at the Preparatory Department or during the first semester of the first year (bachelor’s or master’s degrees).

The recognition procedure of foreign educational documents is carried out by the state-owned company “Information and Image Center” in Kyiv, 25 V.Chornovola str..

If the recognition result is positive, applicants (students) must receive a Certificate confirming the right to pursue higher education and provide it to the Center for International Education of IFNTUOG.

In case of refusal to recognize foreign educational document, the student has not the right to study at the higher educational institution of Ukraine and is expelled from the university.

For more details about the recognition procedure, please follow the link  http://naric.in.ua/about-nostrification.html.