4. Arrival Regulations

Additional Information: 


To get Ukrainian study visa (D13), please apply to the Embassy of Ukraine in your country after receiving Invitation for study from the University.

According to the law, for proper and timely documents registration on legal stay in Ukraine the applicant must complete the admission procedure for at least 15 working days      (21 calendar day) before the visa expires.

The applicant must inform the university via email o.zaslavska@nung.edu.ua or telephone +38 (0342) 50-45-48 about his/her arrival within      5 working days for preparing the notification letter for the State Border Guard Service the airport.

When arriving at the airport the foreign applicant should have:

  • valid passport with Visa D13;

  • original Invitation for Study from the University;

  • financial support in the sum of 3000 $ in cash or on bank account to confirm your financial solvency for tuition and accommodation;

  • to be sure of your purpose of arrival to Ukraine.