2SOFT/1.2/86 “Ro-Ua Trans-border Academic Development for Research and Innovation”


Karpatska str., 15


Ukraine. 76019


Project title

2SOFT/1.2/86 “Ro-Ua Trans-border Academic Development for Research and Innovation”

General objective

Increase the potential of development, research and innovation in mechanic, electric-electronic, environment protection domains in order to reduce technological differences and to contribute to economic development of trans-border region, Ivano-Frankivsk and Maramures Counties

Projects' timeframe:


Specific objectives:

  • Establish a communication environment between Ukrainian and Romanian Partners - universities and NGO - with regional companies to use joint academical research and innovation potential for real needs of companies, to improve exchange of good practice, the opportunities for cooperation over innovations.
  • Support of researchers and students in developing new competencies in modern technologies: 3D printing - scanning, virtual reality for modeling, robots manipulation, CNC machines, renewable energies.
  • Creation of opportunities for students to acquire new competencies for innovation, involving researchers and students in performing joint research activities and innovative projects, increase the quality of students projects by creating competition premises and promote the technical higher education through students' projects among high school students.

Project results:

  • Improved collaboration between researchers of the two regions involved in common research ideas and in development of companies' projects
  • Increased amount of information about companies’ development, research & innovation needs in Ivano-Frankivsk and Maramures Counties
  • Improved researchers and students’ competencies in modern technologies: 3D printing - scanning, virtual reality for modeling, robots manipulation, CNC machine, renewable energies
  • Developed infrastructure enabling researchers to create the experimental model in minimum time after registration and selection of ideas
  • Increased number of joint research activities and researchersand students from the two countries involved in development of innovative projects
  • Increase number of students’ projects involving new technologies determining Improved students’ projects quality
  • Increased number of high school students informed about gaining competencies and performances in the university learning system

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