scientific work

Volodymyr Kostyshyn

professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences.

Chair of Electrical Supply of Industrial Enterprises Department

1. Computer-oriented models of rotating energy converters.

2. Increasing the efficiency of motor drive technological complexes’ functioning.

3. Multi optimization of motor drives aggregates’ modes.

4. Transient processes in electric power systems.

Mycola Mikhailiv

Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences.

1. Energy saving and implementation of alternative and renewable sources of energy.

2. Reducing energy technological load on the environment.

Mychaylo Fedoriv

Associate Professor, Ph.D.

1. Improving the reliability of electricity supply and electrical enterprises of gas industry.

2. Development the calculating and predicting methods of electro drills electricity supply’s reliability.

Alina Sementsova

Associate Professor, Ph.D.

  1. Improving the control means of energy and technological parameters of management systems by submerged electric drives.

Yuriy Romaniuk

Associate Professor, Ph.D.

  1. Optimization of electrical networks modes.
  2. Increasing the efficiency and the reliability of the electricity supply systems.

Konstantyn Kolomojtsev

Associate Professor, Ph.D.

  1. Increasing the voltage quality in the low voltage networks of compressor stations of main gas pipelines and industrial enterprises using booster transformers. - 2005 – 2011
  2. Research of three-phase induction motors with slip-ring motors in the mode of double power engine at double synchronous rotation speed. - 2008-2013.

Oleg Solomchak

Associate Professor, PhD.

1. Calculations and optimization of electrical networks.

2. Compensation of reactive power.

3. Optimization of technological complexes of oil and gas industry’s electric networks.

4. Energy saving and energy audit.

5. Electric lighting installations and devices

Ivan Galushchak

Associate Professor, Ph.D.

1. Research the reliability of electricity supply systems of oil and gas objects.

 2. Research the reliability of technical complexes for the drilling oil and gas wells.

3. Increasing energy efficiency and reliability of electro technical complexes functioning of the oil and gas industry.

Petro Kurlyak

Associate Professor, PhD.

1. BOND GRAPH simulation of electric drives.

2. The research of the launchers processes of motor drive pumping units.

Ivan Glad

Associate Professor, PhD.

1. The technology of virtual devices in the electric power industry

2. The reliability and efficiency of functioning of electricity supply systems’ electrical equipment increasing.

3. The electrical equipment’s’ lightning and switching overvoltage protection.

Ulyana Nycolyn

Assistant, PhD

1. Analysis of electro technical equipment and electrical supply systems’ reliability.

2. Increasing of electric elements functioning of drilling complex’s reliability.

Petro Nycolyn


  1. The research of motor drive pumping unit’s efficiency.
  2. Default operation modes.
  3. Increasing of motor drive functioning of technological complexes’ efficiency.

Oleksandr Kiyanyuk


1. Analysis of electric power quality’s indicators.

2. Compensation of reactive power.

3. The motor drive units work efficiency evaluation.

Iryna Yaremak


1. Optimization of established modes of motor drive oil pumping stations.

Іaroslav Batsala


1. Alternative energy and energy efficiency. 

2. Application LabVIEW programming environment for modeling modes of electrical complexes.

3. Energy efficiency and electromagnetic compatibility of electro technical complex of local generation by nonconventional sources increasing.  

Andriy Potochnyi


  1. Mathematical models of reliability of technological complexes primary electrical equipment’s functioning for electric drill.
  2.  Application of programming environment LabVIEW for operating mode of the electric drill’s simulation.
  3. 3. Prediction of working capacity of electrical equipment of electricity supply system of the electric drill.