Department of Geology and Exploration of Oil and Gas Fields


15 Karpatska Street, Ivano-Frankivsk, 76019, room 5321, phone: (03422) 4-20-27, e-mail:

The Department of Geology and Survey of Oil and Gas Deposits carries out training of geological engineers majoring in “Oil and Gas Geology”. The training of professionals is conducted according to three-stage model “Bachelor – Specialist, Master”.

  The Department provides postgraduate study supervised by Professors, Doctors of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences B. Maievskyi and O. Orlov, and Associate Professor, PhD (Geology) V. Omelchenko. 

  The Department trains specialists in surveying and exploration of all kinds of mineral deposits, precious metals, rough diamonds, rare and radioactive metals. As well the School offers academic programs in gas and oil geology, geochemistry, petrology and mineralogy, technology of precious stones and metal treatment. Students are supposed to master geological and geophysical methods of reconnaissance and searching; oil and gas field developing, which are combined with dynamics and statics modeling of hydrocarbon raw material deposits; skills to predict their progress and protect environment when prospecting a district for oil and gas.